A few words of enlightenment

We think science is inspirational. Here at Diamond, we produce a light brighter than the sun that allows us to make discoveries in all areas of science, from discovering new drugs to treating diseases, creating new materials to building amazing machines, and uncovering the secrets inside meteors and comet dust. 

Light Reading is our way of encouraging creativity inspired by our science. In 2011 we ran a short story writing competition for adults, looking for submissions of 3,000 words, or of 300 words or less in our flash fiction sub competition. This year, we are asking school students to take up the challenge - where will our science take them?

Light Reading - Latest News

Light-Reading 2013 - School Competition - Winning Story

‘Lambelasma, That is My Name’, written by Christy Flora Au is the winning story of the Light Reading 2013 competition.

Read the story here

Light-Reading 2013 - School Competition - Junior Category - Winning Story

'A Paranormal Experience' writting by Lexi Tyack is the winning story of the Light Reading 2013 competition in the junior category.
Read the story here.

Light-Reading 2012 - Anthology

The winning entries and highlights from the 2011 competition. The anthology has been brought together by Diamond and science writer Anjana Ahuja, one of the judges.
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